Non-Linear Narrative


“This project introduces the idea of non-linearity, and explores how we can create non-linear structures using software tools. Over the study period we will look at and discuss examples of non-linear narrative systems and content which they produce, and be introduced software tools to further deepen our engagement with the subject.

The term ‘narrative’ here can be considered literally and describe story-telling structures. It can also be interpreted in many other ways: eg. in systems theory it could describe the tendency for a system to resolve on an end point; in essence it describes a ‘branching’ which results in varying outcomes. Students are encouraged to consider wider interpretations.

The software we will be exploring has been chosen to allow students to get up to speed and realise immediate results. ‘Livecode’ is a large-scale multimedia tool used for authoring desktop and mobile applications whereas ‘Twine’ is a text-based non-linear fiction tool.”

6/11/17 10:20

Created on Twine. (leaving live code for the future)

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 14.39.37.png


actually look at inspirations first …

-maybe a piece of art work like a painting

-A story of your own or a friends or even a movie what is interesting to you?

-what’s been on your mind recently whats been bothering you? maybe explore a certain feeling or emotion or an issue

Your own journeys i.e. train?

What do you need to consider:

-location or multiple

-Do you want it to be realistic or a fantasy. Play with size maybe your inside a water bottle or on public transport decide where you want to take this.

-What kind of format do you want to use? how are you going to make this personal and creative?How many endings do you want the story to have?

-What kind of tone do you want to use? Maybe sarcastic maybe serious? (this will depend on what type of story you decide to explore.

7/11/12 13:33 Friday

An idea plan:

Staring the story with a choice of 3 pairs of shoes each one of these will create a different character. I’m also thinking about having all the different journeys being linked together somehow for example they were all in the same club the night before or they are all on the same train or they will somehow run into another character near the end of their individual story.

character number one: high heels

so this character will be revealed as a drag queen on the train in the morning after a night out, depending on the choice of the player she can get off the train at her stop or she could stay on

if she gets off the train she trips up and breaks a heel

I’m also wondering wether all the characters should meet at the same location at the very end like a hospital.

So I just decided on a new idea all the strangers will somehow cross paths so if boots gets on the train and doesn’t help heels at the platform he will run into heels anyway but the version who didn’t run off the train.


Overall I think I explored branching as I branched out so much that I didn’t even have enough time to give all the characters and ends a clear ending. My idea was complex in the way that your choice to help or interact with other shoe characters would create a new timeline meaning there was at least two timelines created at each step in the journey, I believe that’s how I got so caught up that I couldn’t really finish this story but in my mind it doesn’t really have an ending I wanted to create something that made us realise every decision we make has an impact on our future. If I was to do this project again and had more time I would maybe consider creating a story with less branching and a creative ending however I am happy with my idea and I’m glad I went through with it.


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