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Plan – outlining most important due dates, hoping to add to this when I’m more sure of my next steps.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 13.09.31

Friday 16/02/2018

Working with quick prototypes. I wanted to work on how I want my final structure to look. I’m hoping to use a lot of different media to explore my concept and present it on interactive blocks. This suggests my idea of guilt only being felt once it’s pointed out to someone.

Media I want to possibly explore:

  • Photography
  • Paint
  • Processing coding sketch screenshots
  • line drawing

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 14.55.38.png


example: taking selfies

These pictures represent the comfort of private use of media:

these pictures show a more discomfortable public use of technology, posting on social media in a public environment might make you feel a little judged and guilty for ignoring others:

This sketch represents the blurred boundary where I took a picture of my phone of someone else’s phone screen and they panicky tried to cover it with their hand. The black lines represent the privacy aspect as they person asked me to blur out the text:



Other Direction/Idea

I realised that my original idea is very visual but the idea I’m trying to portray is a feeling. This made me consider something that doesn’t depend on the visual as much as the first idea. Speaking to other people about guilt I realised everyone has a different perception I asked what colour other associated with guilt and these were the answers.




Development process (model making)

rough prototypes

using an accurate template to create cubes which made the process easier and neater

First interactive cube, made from tracing paper each side has a hand drawn social media logo. Interaction: placing a phone torch under the cube to light it up, this works because the cube is made from tracing paper.

Paper cubes with coloured sides, this relates to how people see guilt as different colours.


A visual cube representing the concept of private/public. The outside of the cube is showing what the public sees when someone is using technology (here taking a selfie).

Using brown paper to play with the idea of adding holes to the cube creating a less solid barrier between the private and pubic it shows people can be present in the visual reality as the real one but not in both at once.

This cube is made out of a polly pocket. Interaction: because it isn’t very stable I decided to cut a small hole in it so that if someone blows inside it will fill with air.

Finally I decided to work with acetate which was the modal for the final plastic cube.

Reflection on development

Working with different materials helped me understand them more. The polly pocket and acetate were the hardest materials to work with however this didn’t stop me from using a clear/see through material for my final as I though both the developments were very effective. I felt like my concept was formed by making all the models and each one adds to the final idea for example the colourful cubes add to the different colours I am hoping to make the jelly and the more visual cubes helped me form my concept of private/public.

Building and making of final artefact

I was in the wood workshop for 2 days learning how to and making 2 boxes. First I needed 6 equal sides they then had to be rendered to a 45 degree angle so the sides could all fit together. The glue then filled the edges of the box once it was all put together. Because the final box was so big I couldn’t cut the sides myself however because I wanted to learn how to make the box I decided to make a smaller one from the scraps of plastic I had left and cut and sanded everything myself. Before adding the tops I had to cut holes at the top with a jigsaw so people could put their hands inside.

The final box.

Making the Jelly


  1. Separate the cubes
  2. Pour boiling water and let the jelly dissolve
  3. Add colder water and let it set in the fridge

I also added gelatine to make sure the cubes would keep their shape once I cut them into cubes and place them in the plastic cube.


Update: Because of the school closing for 5 days due to bad weather my jelly has gone mouldy and I will have to remake it all:( It would have been interesting to leave it with the mould however I am expecting people to interact with and touch my work and I wouldn’t want to make anybody ill.


A postcard made by Ailsa about the jelly in Web Fundamentals:

I’m hoping to remake the jelly tomorrow so I can put it in the box on Wednesday and hopefully it will last till the Friday exhibition.



The way I’ve decided to portray my concept is very much minimalistic I’m trying to let the viewer have a sensual experience while keeping in mind what it’s about without explaining myself to a huge extent. The jelly is a fun way to experience feeling and by being so focused on the task it gives the viewer a chance to think, feel and process my ideas behind the project about technology, social media, existence and virtual reality/reality.

Final Artefact

final artefact photoFinal arefact with instructions

After putting the jelly in the box it made me realise how interactive it really was. I decided to write a list of suggestions to who ever wants to participate.

Final statement for the exhibition 

Title: r u guilty?

Materials: 3mm acrylic perspex and jelly

Statement: R u guilty is based on identity and it’s relation to private and public. It considers the struggle we face attempting to exist in reality as well as the virtual reality which has been created through the existence of technology, phones and social media. It’s about taking a moment to get in touch with the guilt we feel when ignoring someone who is trying to contact us on our phones while also considering the guilt we feel when ignoring someone in real life as all our attention is consumed by mobile phones. We can’t fully be present in both realities therefore the sensation of guilt is unavoidable.


Overall I feel this project was successful. I managed to make an interactive artefact that attracted attention and interest. If I was to do this project again I’d consider maybe playing with light since the box and jelly were transparent light would have illuminated the whole box. I was surprised by how many more interactions I came up with once the box was made. Originally I was only hoping for people to put their hands inside however the sound in the box was isolated because of the material it was made from meaning the sound of the jelly was very interesting if someone put their ear next to the hole. Also, the smell of the jelly was very intense due to all the different flavours it was made from. Even picking up the whole box and jiggling it was fun. I think the final artefact was a fun way to express my concept and a way for people to consider the idea’s I have put across in the statement and my development.

 = study on guilt after breaking a robot/machine

Design Process: Precrasti-

an app which helps you stop procrastination



View at

View at

View at


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