Mixed Reality


Mixed reality if often referred to as the ‘hybrid reality’ a merging of the real and virtual worlds. During this project, we will be exploring the concept of Mixed Reality. Using Paul Milgram’s theory of the Reality-Virtuality continuum [1] we will consider how certain works of art and design fit within the spectrum of mixed reality. After becoming familiar with the concept, you are asked to create an augmented reality (AR) experience of your own exploring how these themes and discorse can be inter-woven into your own creative ideas.

Throughout this project you will be introduced to processes such as image targets and other marker triggers. You should also consider useful methods such as making storyboards to illustrate your ideas and aid you in creating your mixed reality experience. Some key words to consider when thinking about your creative piece of work might be; otherness, mapping, relations, augmenting, uncanny, playfulness.


The virtuality continuum is a continuous scale ranging between the completely virtual, a virtuality (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and the completely real, reality (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. The reality–virtuality continuum therefore encompasses all possible variations and compositions of real and virtual (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. objects. [1]


You are expected to create an AR application that explores the concept of Mixed Reality. During the process of developing the AR application you should consider incorporating a storyboard as well as documenting the final process via video, photography and audio.

Launch Mon 4th

Virtual Reality Induction, the final will be presented on an android phone or tablet.

Ideas? – dinosaurs? past/ present? portals? face tracking? put makeup on people and change your appearance, save time In the day by not getting ready.

Right now I am interested in the face tracking software. snapchat filters are relevant to this.

Key: AdiGVir/////AAABmdTmBZ1Ca05ZkDK8DaRxQJBbwpu8HZMRlO53u8M+woxSDP5NAj/RT7TeWracqRwvP2vth6FUa07tLLwGKDHuwkFf6dAAg85Bgumfw7Ed1jA4g3L3Fqhk3B631dXm4GkKq4noIItgumuF8dqUHpa8MDC0kUYqq73+YaAPw1Lpf+zLc3M8sUmeWIbaZykkLNLzQZKzEikzHrH/+kC4I7BK/AIctiaEI4sBRaaH/I2L7sqbkpLkGnUSu6siS/CmNdG0Q+PPj+Cl7MqUrvOOsf/2hOZmF5yOTqVUh9Ds92ZfcjCiwEMAs4sNekiWylNDZFvY5TG4Go95Tm8s9txYuo5FPNb0Zm+xQZ2ym3wgeNQ+38Oq

Notes from Lecture (Unity not downloading):

gameobject menue ; vuforia – ar camera

vuforia – image

build settings – player settings – xr settings – vuforia supported tick box

vuforia configuration and add the license key

Exporting files – file export save for web(legacy) – png24 colour, png8 blackandwhite.

select target images download then unity

add object items as children

unity preferences:

remember to rename file

A slideshow of some images from the trail, I sent the images to my google drive:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Workshop 8th March 2019


These are screenshots taken from a screen recording testing out the trial animation.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 16.09.37

Trying to find images that will work as targets (not going well)

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 16.23.51.png

Using a sketchbook page as the target image, a female model then jumps into the hole.


Right now I have two ideas. I wanted to use my clear acrylic box I made last year for design domain as the trigger so that there would be things inside the box but because the image isn’t a 3D platform I’m not sure the result would be as I would like it. I also had the idea of a drawing from a sketchbook like a black hole being the trigger so that the model images can jump into the hole. Now I am also considering a doodle page as the trigger.


Some experimental images.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.04.39.png



3 models jumping at the black hole.

Idea: I could create something like the lava game from childhood where you’re not allowed to touch the floor and the models have to jump from one thing to the next.

Workshop 11 March 2019

Remember file name for this workshop is workshop01


Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.22.16

To build your own humans go to make human community: http://www.makehumancommunity.org

New developed idea, Topic-Brexit:


I created a small sketchbook story board for my possible prototype the first page is different to the second. In the first story board people are running around a little mad the hysterically laughing/shrugging/shaking their heads maybe crying and then they all run towards the black hole and jump down into it. This is meant to represent the whole hopeless situation we are currently in with Brexit and how I feel about it. I am also considering creating another side tot he portal using a different trigger image which will have all these people show up on the other side of the portal in the fantasy world. They will teleport in excited and then head towards this wall once they climb it they will be surrounded by floating colourful shapes rotating around them this is meant to be a cheesy representation of the possibilities and opportunities these people have again, also like a weight and a problem being lifted off their shoulders so the settings in the two scenes would be very different and contrasting.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 12.10.58.png

Source of image: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47519637

I started considering this idea when I was on the train reading an article about what decisions are currently being made about Brexit. This issue is very personal and something that will effect me directly so it’s something I have heard and read about a lot in the past year, I also think it’s quite a relevant topic right now. I think I have stopped myself from entering this Brexit topic in projects because it is quite personal and unresolved but since is project is about reality and mixed realities I think it’s a great way to express my view on the topic.


Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 15.49.24

I made the black hole a cylinder and I really like how one of the models got stuck inside the cylinder I think I might pay around with this idea more.

Tuesday 12th March

This is a politically crucial time in the matter of Brexit I was anxiously waiting for the results on the parliament vote for May’s deal. The deal failed.

Wednesday 13th March

The no-deal also failed, this is great news however everything is still extremely uncertain as the extension request may not go through. The constant uncertainty and worry over this issue is making me realise just how important it is for me to base this project around such an important issue to me.

Thursday 14th March

To do list Thursday and Friday morning before tutorials:

  • Go to guest talk Thursday Morning
  • Create storyboards, complete with illustrations, explanation notes, themes and moods for scenes, concerns and questions about techniques
  • DH&T work on creating an essay question, pick 3 pieces of work you will describe in detail, start choosing quotes which support the argument
  • Continue updating blog with Brexit news and updates from the news over the next few days

The Storyboard


Friday 15th March

After the tutorial I need to consider if there are any other ways I want the user to interact with my final build, do some research on this.

Forming the scenes, early stages:

In Unity:

Testing on Laptop:


Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 16.39.55.png

Monday 18th March

This is a parody video made about Brexit. It basically says that that Britain can’t get rid of immigrants because “We’re here to stay”. I enjoyed the comedic approach to this big current issue we are facing as everything is else involving Brexit is very heavy and quite drastic, for example Rachel Maclean’s VR work I went to see in the ISO studios at the weekend, whereas the 4N Boyz are bringing awareness to the topic in a lighthearted comedic way .

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 14.33.26.png

I went to see the UnRealities VR experiences, which included 5 different artworks, on Saturday at half 1. I was determined to go as I knew one of the works was created around the topic of Brexit and I was curious to see another person’s approach to creating a 3D environment. I knew the work would be of a much higher standard and I knew it focused on London which already meant it wouldn’t have much uncommon with mine but I did like the surprise element as the viewer was expected to start shooting all the characters with massive mobile phones presented as heads who were representative of English people. Even though I knew of the work I didn’t know about the shootings which made me think I could use an element of surprise in my work.


Some photos taken of the tablet while viewing the second scene.


Ailsa testing out the environment on a tablet.

I’ll need to take a couple of days to write my essay as the deadline is on Friday so I’ll write a to do list for when I have time to revisit this project.

  • Create trigger images – do you wanted them printed? should they have a comedic aspect? Should they be serious?
  •  Record sounds and decide how many and where you would like them then implement them in code.
  • Work on the visionary of the environments maybe the texture of the figures? more animations? Add light to the alternative scene.
  • Document. Figure out how to screen record on a tablet, maybe work in the evening or with the blinds down so there aren’t many reflections on the tablet screen. Try and make it work on the phone.
Wednesday 20th March

Working on creating trigger pictures in the first one I used photoshop to edit over the photograph.


And the alternative universe picture, in my pinion, didn’t need much editing I only crossed out the word conservative with a pink colour.


Some screenshots from my phone I’ve finally managed to load the application. It’s still not 100% finished as I definitely want to play with lighting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thursday 21st March

Overall, choosing the concept of Brexit resulted in a strange development process. Unlike usually, I didn’t have to go and do extraordinary amounts of research as I have been doing research about Brexit over the past couple of years. It’s a personal project because as a Polish citizen my rights could easily be taken away due to the carelessness of the government revolving around this issue. The reason I finally chose to do a project revolving around Brexit was because of the ongoing uncertainty the resistants of this country currently live in combined with the ongoing government votes that have been happening over the course of this project. It became apparent to me that when tackling a subject that is personal the ideas have been formulating for a long amount of time which is why I made certain decisions and links at the very start of this project. Creating the opposite environments is meant to represent a life during this uncertainty over the future and the feeling of segregation between remain and leave votes, between the government and the people and Scotland vs. England. All these conflicts along with worry and sometimes even fear is what I based the actions of the models around. In the second scene the models are stepping into an alternate universe without Brexit and once the viewer paces through the wall the parody “F**K Brexit” starts playing as you see excited figures clapping and looking around excitedly among colourful floating objects. This whole project has been an emotional journey and allowed me to express my opinion and feelings about such a current and controversial topic.

The video below shows the interaction with the work on the left a screen recording of what is happening on the phone screen and on the right shows me walking around and interacting with the environment once it is triggered by the images.

Looking back at the storyboards they were a great help with regaining my focus and are representative of the final.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 18.14.40.png

Monday 25th March

During the presentations I received a very important critic about visioning where my work could be presented rather than just two printed out pictures on a table.

This open-end my eyes to consider more ambitious exhibitions and one idea that really struck me was thinking about the propaganda Brexit buses in London.

Some have used buses as significant statements since all the lies about Brexit are now public.


I am considering using this image to present my idea by using photoshop to add my trigger image onto the bus. This would present a prototype solution as people could scan the bus trigger image on their phones to see my imagined environments.


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