Design Domain Part 1


The core deliverables for Part 1 of of this project involve the design and production of a proposal of research and ideas relating to the themes of Design Domain, and the collation of associated media created throughout your research.

Your proposal should aim to cover the following areas:

  • Summary/overview of your idea.
  • Discussion/reference of any artist and designers’ work that has influenced your ideas.
  • What is the critical reasoning behind your research?
  • What methods do you propose to realise your idea?

The Design Domain remit is to consolidate awareness of design in the broader cultural field, highlighting the relationship between the studio’s specialist subject area and other bodies of knowledge outwith the studio discipline yet connectable to it.

In Semester 1, projects and studio work will be characterised by a positioning, contextualising and probing approach.



My chosen talks at the Symposium:

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 22.07.49

Andreas Refsgaard

I really enjoyed Andreas Refsgaard’s talk, he mentioned many projects he has created, been part of or had been inspired by. A lot of the work was based around machine learning and AI software utilised in a playful, creative way.

Saffa Khan


Paul Hartnett


Sketchbook notes taken during the Symposium talks and further notes taken during group discussions.

Design Domain thus year is based around PLAY and it’s for sub-themes.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 18.07.04

Group Discussions




New perspectives – exploring things and places in new imaginative and/or alternative ways. Also game – rule based.

‘Safe Baby Handling Tips’-Book by David Sopp and Kelly Sopp

27 DOs and DON’Ts for Taking Care of Baby

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 23.15.59.png

Dumb ways to die was originally a railway safety campaign video and later the turned into an app which included the characters from the video. The aim of the game is to complete small tasks without failing. A playful way to convey an important message.

David Shrigley ‘Really Good’ is a really good example of the kind of playfulness, rule-breaking and humour I would like to convey. I am already considering my final output for this project and I realise I will need to carefully choose material, shape size and perspective just like Shrigley’s work was considered. If I do follow through with my current idea of creating a sculpture of a plug you can put your fingers in, I am already considering the size to be bigger than what a normal socket is, this also ties into my research of child/baby based work which suggests a baby’s perspective of a plug being bigger than what we see, I also believe this will have a bigger appeal to the audience as it will be unusual even though it’s something we see and use everyday.

David Shrigley’s Giant Public Artwork Gives Londoners a Much-Needed Thumbs Up




Yugo next – Car Sculptures

My proposal is to create a large interactive sculpture which has a determined goal with feedback and the playfulness aspect being that the feedback doesn’t always play when the task is complete. This tricks the viewers as they may be witness to someone completing the task and receiving feedback but when they complete it the sculpture may not acknowledge the task has been complete. Amongst the confusion and questioning if maybe the sculpture doesn’t work it is almost as though the sculpture is playing a trick or pulling a prank on the viewer which is the playful part as well as the interaction being goal orientated.

I’m a celebrity: get me out of here! – look for other game shows…Get_Me_Out_of_Here!_(British_TV_series)#Bushtucker_trial


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 13.31.17

would I like the feedback to be audio or visual? like a light? what should the feedback be? – clapping? “well done” “you completed the challenge”

Darren C using toys and creating loans for children o bring awareness to the harmful advertising is a playful way to spread awareness.

Final Submission


Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 18.52.07

Updated Proposal:


This project is continued in Design Domain Part 2…


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