Winter Break

14th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021

During Winter Break I decided to take time off and take the focus off Uni so I could start Semester 2 with a fresh mindset and hit the ground running. In Semester 1 I think the adjustment period brought me a lot of stress and anxiety and I felt like the work I was producing, or trying to, was not up to my own standard, however in reflection looking back now at projects I had created during the 3 years at GSA most I wouldn’t have been able to create out of the comfort of my own home. I often used workshops, studio PC’s and tools to create work I was happy with which made it obvious to me why I felt a little critical of myself. Even though I didn’t focus on my studio work I wanted to explore other creative outlets over the festive period as a way of getting back into creating things and trying new mediums in a less forced way. I made plant pots out of air dry clay which I painted and finished with a gloss varnish (Images below).

As well as this I worked on creating candles with hand drawn/painted labels (Images below).

The decision making involved in both these activities came to me quite naturally and I think this is how I should move forward in Semester 2, rather than stressing about the outcome being perfect instead enjoying the process of creating. I realise Semester 2 will also be difficult and what I miss most is the studio atmosphere and constantly being inspired by other people, we always used to share sources and references making the process of creating completely natural. I have felt stressed about not directly focusing on my studio work over the Christmas period but I think taking time off was also important.

4th January 2021 – 15th January 2021 (Formative Assessment)

During this time I will mostly be focusing on finishing my Extended Essay as the deadline is the 15th of January.


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