Book – Documentation

A Photobook with documentation and highlights of my work from this year exploring mindfulness and machines.

Part 10 – Immersive Projections – Wii Balance Board & Processing

In this work I create an immersive experience allowing physical movement to directly change and impact a persons immediate surroundings. By practicing mediation or yoga on a balance board the values of weight distribution have an influence on the position, scale and rotation of projected shapes. I created the shapes dataset by using my machine learning generated model and scanning it through object detection which is where the machine looks for things it recognises in an image and highlights the shape with a label and confidence percentage. Created using, Runway ML and OSCulator.

Part 9 – Morphing Figures

Generated Latent Space Walk videos from Machine Learning Model based on images of me practicing yoga. These videos show the morphing of one generated ‘pose’ to another resembling transitions within yoga as well as the subtle trembling of the body when holding a pose or breathing.

Part 8 – Slitscan – Transforming Yoga Practice Videos

I wanted to transfigure the visuals of practicing yoga stepping away from realistic images of me holding poses and moving into creating abstract forms and illusions of how a machine might visualise my movement. Slit-scans created using, original videos are of me practicing yoga.

Part 7 – Moving Paintings

Paintings based on Machine Learning generated images. Intrigued by the idea of merging mindfulness and computers I wanted to delve into machine learning and how a machine could potentially envision yoga practice.

Part 6 – Shape & Paper – Machine Learning Generated Images + Object Detection

Using machine learning object detection model to find shapes in generated images from the yoga model I trained. Inspired by Henri Mattise I used these shapes to create cut-outs and collage. This work allowed me to experiment with bright colours and bold compositions creating a final large scale wall collage and a compositional ‘scrap-book’.

Part 5 – Audio Development – Sound and Physical Movement

Exploring sound with relation to mediation and yoga practice. Allowing organic physical movement to trigger audio playback through recognition of poses and key points of the body using PoseNet as well as a wii balance board where weight distribution data controls sound output.

Part 4 – Balance Light – Wii Balance Board & Arduino

Balance Light is a work which allows for the physical movement of the body to have a direct impact on a sculpture. Practicing yoga and/or mediation on a balance board, which I use to track the values of weight distribution, has a direct effect on the tissue flower light sculpture which I build.

Part 3 – Machine Learning Model Training – Runway ML

Machine Learning Model Trained on Images of Me Practicing Yoga using Runway ML. I was curious to find out how a machine may interpret images of me while I practice yoga and mindfulness and I wanted to explore the generated visual outcomes.