YEAR 1/2/3

Sense & Sensibility

Assignment This project covers Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence across many varying softwares and programs for example Runway ML and Processing. I cover consciousness and awareness of computers. Launch Consciousness, general attention, awareness. What makes something conscious? The mind/body problem. Qualia Workshop01 Workshop 02 Concept Exploration I want to train a runway model … More

Getting into Unity

Trying Unity3/12/18 Getting into Unity Launch Overview “Unity, originally launched in 2005 as a game engine for creating interactive media, typically video games. Recently however, designers and artists are beginning to realize that game engines can be successfully used for non-game applications; architects can easily prototype ideas, artists can create interactive art installations, or researchers … More

Creative Coding

Overview “How can we use the computer as a tool in the generation of art and design? What are the intrinsic aesthetics of computer-created art? This project explores using code as a creative partner. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of code-based art and design, exploring loops, flow, randomness and different forms of imaging. … More