Design Domain Part 1

Brief requirements “The core deliverables for Part 1 of of this project involve the design and production of a proposal of research and ideas relating to the themes of Design Domain, and the collation of associated media created throughout your research.” Monday 30th November 2017 Symposium Speakers: Talk 1. ACTION: Darren Cullen 11.15-12.00 Talk 2. BODIES: … More

Creative Coding

Overview “How can we use the computer as a tool in the generation of art and design? What are the intrinsic aesthetics of computer-created art? This project explores using code as a creative partner. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of code-based art and design, exploring loops, flow, randomness and different forms of imaging. … More

Augmented Sculpture

Overview “Working independently, create a meaningful projection-mapped sculpture in the Studio. Build a physical sculpture element using prepared boxes, simple furniture, found objects. This may be assembled as a floor-based piece, hanging piece, or wall piece. The idea is to use these objects as bare projection surfaces so either white or light-coloured objects should be used. The projections could … More

Non-Linear Narrative

Overview “This project introduces the idea of non-linearity, and explores how we can create non-linear structures using software tools. Over the study period we will look at and discuss examples of non-linear narrative systems and content which they produce, and be introduced software tools to further deepen our engagement with the subject. The term ‘narrative’ … More

Cross School Course

  Dates: Start: Monday 8th January Sitevisit: Tuesday 9th January First tutorial with Isabelle: Friday 12th January Hand in Journal: Wednesday 17th January Crit: Thursday 18th Morning Exhibition: Thursday 18th Evening Project: Kelvinhall: I took photos of things that interested me at the site visit. We walked around the Kelvinhall area but I like the … More


Overview “This project is an introduction to creative sound design. You are required to create a 1-minute soundscape on any topic of your choice. You will be introduced to sound recording, sound editing and sound mixing techniques to help explore your topic. This is an audio only project but the techniques covered will be relevant for film soundtracking” My … More


Renting a Bicycle 29/01/2018 walking home after the brief and meeting my group I walked past the bike rental I walk past everyday and on my to and from the translation and took some initial pictures. It’s the first time I’ve been up close to the bikes, I’d never used them before or needed to. … More

Design Domain 2

13/02/2018 Plan – outlining most important due dates, hoping to add to this when I’m more sure of my next steps. Friday 16/02/2018 Working with quick prototypes. I wanted to work on how I want my final structure to look. I’m hoping to use a lot of different media to explore my concept and present … More

Web Fundamentals

Overview “This project Using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) create a digital response. This digital response could tell a story, express your views, communicate your ideas or raise awareness about something you care about. It might be playful, provocative, or thought provoking. The digital response could be a web site, a web app, an … More

Deconstructing Interaction

Brief “In this weeklong project, you will work together to deconstruct the components of interaction and interactive experiences. Through a series of exercises, you will examine the features of the user, the object and the process of interaction. You will learn discipline specific terminology and be introduced to some of the principles of interaction design. … More


Dimensions overview “This project is designed to introduce you to Maya’s 3d environment through the creation of a convincing ‘Diorama’ within a 100x100x100 cube. This project is about form, scale and light. You will be required to create a 30 second animation exploring the 3-dimensional environment of your scene viewed from a first person perspective. Using time and motion, … More