Open Project

For Open Project this year we are required to attend a minimum of 1 workshop and 1 seminar, we are also required to visit the lighthouse on Wednesday morning to view an exhibition. After the gallery visit we should write a 500 word evaluation and another one from a choice of texts provided on the canvas page.

Workshop - Intro to Runway ML

This workshop is an introduction to Machine Learning and Runway ML. We discussed and tried a few different examples of Machine Learning before starting Runway ML to get our heads around how machine learning actually works. We began with simple examples which would help us to understand how the computer works to analyse the images and how it processes which outcome to choose.

Chained Reactions

Connecting processing to RunwayML

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 11.28.16.png

Processing Lyrics

I think this workshop was a great introduction into machine learning and Runway ML. I have been very curious and interested in machine learning and AI ever since I heard Andreas Refsgaard’s talk during design domain 1 as I have never worked with anything like this before and I am just beginning my journey into learning and understanding these processes and software. This workshop was also greatly paired with the Seminar I went to as the James Bridle chapter we discussed spoke directly about machine learning and AI. Moving into the future I believe this workshop will help me a lot when starting Sense and Sensibility, which is an upcoming project for 3rd Years, and the practical trail will allow me to envision new ideas and concepts when I move forward with this new knowledge of Runway ML.


Exhibition - Yuri Suzuki, Sonica, Lighthouse

Furniture Music by Yuri Suzuki is an exhibition shown in The Lighthouse between the dates of 5 October – 6 January. This exhibition consisted of 10 pieces shown mostly as sculptural work along with a video and a series of illustration drawings by Philippe Dupuy in response to the work.

Seminar - Provocations and Discussions

This Seminar was very informative, helpful and useful. We discussed a chapter from James Bridle’s book ‘New Dark Age’ called ‘Cognition’. The chapter presents many new technologies which use machine learning and AI and Bridle draws our attention to how much biased is programmed into computers.

This Seminar has actually helped me with my work as I chose to write my first Semester source review based on this particular chapter as it suited the theme of my DH&T course as well as being extremely relevant and interesting to me and my course of study.

I really enjoyed analysing this text during our 2 hour Seminar and being able to hear other people’s opinions based on the same text and this allowed me to enjoy the text further while critically analysing it and cross referencing against other texts and research during the process of writing my essay.

I will attach my source review submission based on this chapter from James Bridle’s book: Y3 S1 DHT SofD Marta Zofia Palacz

I also really enjoy the book recommendations during open project and since I like to collect books I always buy copies so that I’m encouraged to read and re-read them when I have time and this also makes it much easier for me to reference our course of study in essays and in my blog.

Final 500 word text submissions

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 23.21.29Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 23.21.45Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 23.21.55


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